healthcareMedical professionals and support staff in hospitals, surgical centers, research facilities, biomedical companies and physicians’ offices rely on sophisticated technology to make diagnoses, provide care, teach and train staff and keep patients and their families fully informed.  Whether teaching, researching or disseminating information in these environments, the clarity of the material and the method and timing of delivery are key elements to supporting critical decision making.   Tempest Technologies, LLC has experience in designing and installing solid solutions for peer to peer and public communications, interactive teaching and training, remote  consultation and diagnosis, “on the fly” collaboration and presentation. 

Tempest Technologies, LLC Designs & Builds Turnkey Solutions For:

  •          Consultation Rooms
  •          Surgical Suites
  •          Observation Rooms
  •          Lecture Halls & Auditoriums
  •          Training Facilities
  •          Conference & Meeting Spaces
  •          Telemedicine
  •          Waiting Rooms & Lounges
  •          Messaging in Public & Employee Areas
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