REI Community RoomHospitality, entertainment, museum and point of sale venues are the perfect environments to utilize technology to create a specific atmosphere and customer experience.  Whether your goal is to excite, relax, inform or stimulate your intended audience, Tempest Technologies, LLC can help attain the goal by using an array of audio and video technologies.  By capturing customer attention utilizing imagery and sound, we can help you engage and hold your audience and create lasting and indelible impressions that lead to longer retention times, increased sales and greater return rates. 

Tempest Technologies, LLC Designs & Builds Turnkey Solutions For:
  •          Retail Outlets & MallsARE Sustainability Award
  •          Hotels, Resorts & Spas
  •          Casinos
  •          Restaurants
  •          Bars & Nightclubs
  •          Gaming Facilities
  •          Museums & Exhibits
  •          Theaters
  • ARE Design Award         Theme Parks
  •          Building Lobbies & Concierge Services

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