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glumac lobbyWhen Glumac's Portland operation decided to relocate, they partnered with Gensler Seattle to ensure that design of the new facility resulted in a clean and modern space that would perfectly integrate with the engineering systems. The Standard Insurance Building was selected as the new location and sustainability was targeted as a primary goal. From the initial Eco Charrette, the goal of achieving LEED Platinum certification with an energy savings of 50% over a comparable building was set. The new floor plan is "open-office," which reduced the need for construction materials and increased opportunities for collaboration among the employees. Glumac engaged Tempest Technologies, LLC to design and build audio/visual systems that would, through the utilization of technology, create a collaborative work environment that encouraged innovative thinking and increased productivity. Since the February move, by all accounts, the goals on all fronts have been met and surpassed!

Client Endorsement

I want to express my deepest appreciation to Tempest Technologies for everything you and your team have done to make the A/V portion of our TI project successful.  From the leadership provide by your project managers, to the design expertise provided by your engineers, to the heroic efforts of the integration team.  And above all, to the fantastic customer service provided by your account executive, which has resulted in way too many unwavering recommendations to ever be counted.  Thank you!

As you know, much time has been spent planning and building our new office space.  Since we moved in at the beginning of 2012, we have given hundreds of tours to individuals and groups.  From everyone's first impressions, we receive continuous compliments on the LED and Tambient lighting, the flexible work stations, the HVAC chilled sails, our design of the server room to eliminate the need for dedicated cooling, and on, and on, and on.  These are the initial impressions people have and pass on to us.  They are welcome compliments; however there is more to our story then first impressions.  Our two primary requirements from the onset were to design and build a space that enhanced and encouraged collaboration, and to have a space that was flexible.  While our open office environment truly accomplishes these two requirements, I believe that our main conference rooms not only meet our initial requirement but truly far exceed any expectations that we ever had.  A key component of that success ties directly back to the A/V system designed and installed by Tempest Technologies, LLC.  The project would not be the success that it is without the involvement of you and your team.

In our old office, use of the A/V systems required pre-planning, setup time, frequent calls to our IT staff, etc.  In our new facility, the systems function flawlessly.  No more setting up projectors, no more problems with audio quality.  We simply pull out our iPad, select which large LED screen we desire to display on, pick the video source and off we go.  Everyone in our office who uses the system feels like it is simply an extension of their own desktop.  The feedback from our clients, both large and small, is that they have never seen an A/V system operate so smoothly and be so integrated into the normal work process.  In our old space, we used the A/V system in our conference room 1-2 times per week.  Now we use them 10+ times a day.  The conference room systems you designed for us are truly one of the greatest success stories related to the increased productivity of our staff and our design processes.  After only 4 months in our space, I cannot count the number of highly interactive, collaborative meetings that we have had both internally and with outside clients, which would never have occurred without the flexible A/V system Tempest designed and installed for us.

As I mentioned you to before, please feel free to bring your clients by anytime you have the need.  No need to even check in before hand - just feel free to show up.  Tempest is not a consultant that Glumac hired.  We consider you part of our family - and you are always welcome to stop by, anytime, and show off the excellent work you have done. 

With my most sincere thanks,

Leonard Klein
Principal/Vice President
Mechanical Engineer
LEED® Accredited Professional

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