Digital Directories and Wayfinding systems are a great way to not only direct people to where things are located, but can also improve efficiency with interactive touch, lower staff cost, and promote companies through advertisements.

Directories have been around for a long time in analog form, but we are now seeing even more digital directories, many with interactive touch. These new digital systems allow people to have more targeted interaction, including the ability to find a specific business through search, find out more about a business, find people within the business, and find the location of a business much quicker with turn by turn directions.

People are getting up close and inspecting digital directories, and this provides an opportunity to promote business, products, and services. Not only can this help individual businesses, but this is also a great way for a property or building owner to generate revenue by leasing out space on the directories for these businesses to advertise. It’s a win-win!

Digital Directories and Wayfinding can also improve efficiency within a company. In some facilities, such as hospitals or campuses, there can be hidden costs in inefficient directory and wayfinding systems. According to the study “Wayfinding and Orientation by the Visually Impaired”, in the Journal of Environmental Systems, one major hospital had estimated that there is an approximate $220,000 annual cost due to visitors asking for directions from medical personnel. Doctors and nurses had to spend time giving directions, or in some cases walking the visitors to their desired location, taking time away from their work. This translated into a cost for the hospital because time and energy that should be going towards a patient’s care was instead going to giving directions. 

There are many different ways to implement Digital Directories and Wayfinding that can help your business. For information on Digital Directories and Wayfinding contact the knowledgeable team at Tempest Technologies.