Consulting & Design

Design is the foundation of every AV system

Take the guesswork, worry, fear, and confusion out of the equation when planning your next AV, or unified communication technology project. Our detailed needs assessment process ensures that we will gain a thorough understanding of your key objectives, and that we address any concerns you might have. Once we confirm that we have a solid understanding of your goals, our experts will educate and inform you, working to answer questions and remove any doubt about what will be delivered, how it will be integrated into the space, how it will function, and most importantly what the end user will experience once the systems are installed.

Our consulting team’s engagement in the earliest stages of the planning process is critical to achieving the most successful outcome, as it allows adequate time for us to discover, design, discuss and then communicate interdependency and infrastructure requirements to you and other contractors working on the project.

Avoid unnecessary surprises, reduce cost overruns, and get outstanding results with team collaboration and our proven design/build methodology!
  • Objectives & Requirements Assessment 
  • Programming Reports – Confirm Functionality 
  • Systems Design & Engineering
  • Detailed Scopes of Work 
  • Budgetary Planning
  • CAD Based Design Documentation 
  • Infrastructure Requirements & Coordination
  • Standards Creation 
  • 3-D Rendering