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Ankrom Moisan Architects


Ankrom Moisan Architects (AMA), an award-winning firm specializing in integrated architectural, interior design, urban design and branding services, recently relocated their headquarters to 38 Davis in Portland’s Old China Town District. Seizing on the opportunity to utilize the same process they use with their own clients, they set out to design and build a dream space that would reflect their mission, values, culture and identity. The result is a 3 floor, 58,000 square foot workspace with a vibrant environment that is designed to spark creativity and collaboration.

When looking to engage a technology partner to design and integrate the audio/video and communication technologies for the project, Tempest Technologies was honored to be invited to join the creative team.   With just over 250 employees to support, technology requirements ranged from relatively simple to extremely complex.  The scope of the project was to incorporate integrated technology in 34 conference rooms of various sizes and complexity, a Café/Lounge, a Resource Library, a Multipurpose Room, a Virtual Reality Room and a projection area located in the stairwell. After going through our needs analysis and design process, Tempest Technologies, LLC was able to deliver a systems design that met AMA's current criteria and requirements and supported their longer-term technology needs and goals.

The two Executive Conference Rooms are crown jewels in the space.  Here technology blends seamlessly with the contemporary architecture to create center piece conference rooms that are breathtaking in appearance and offer all the amenities required for top level presentations and communications. Executives are treated to a high-quality audio and video conferencing experience, which is easily controlled using custom programmed touch panels that make the powerful technology integrated within the rooms easy to use.   When not in use, the high brightness, high resolution projection systems retract into the ceiling, putting the focus back on the interior design aspects of the rooms.  A stamp on the very essence of what the AMA brand is all about. 

By incorporating many of the same amenities and technologies found in the Executive Conference Rooms, into the Training Room, Tempest gave AMA the ability to train employees in the Portland, Seattle and San Francisco offices simultaneously, without anyone having to travel between locations to participate in the sessions.  The space contains state of the art video and audio conferencing systems featuring the latest in ceiling microphone technology and high resolution video cameras. Systems are controlled using a color touch sensitive panel with custom menus that are intuitive and easy to follow, providing the ease of use desired by end users.  This feature means instructors can focus on teaching instead of being overly concerned with how to operate the technology. 

Utilizing the latest in Architecture Technology, AMA helps clients make final decisions on space use, furniture layout, interior finishes etc.; before the build-out of the project begins.  The Virtual Reality Lab located on the 2nd floor features dual 48” 4K displays and all the bells and whistles that come with a high-end VR space.   This system provides AMA personnel with the ability to virtually walk customers through their space during the design phase of their project.   By giving clients a virtual look inside the building, they have the unique opportunity to make decisions at a critical time in the process.  Vision becomes reality and budgets are preserved.  This service is a true differentiator for Ankrom Moisan Architects.

The largest space in the building is the Café/Lounge area. Used for large events and all hands meetings, the room has an integrated system with high brightness, high resolution projection, quality audio and video and audio conferencing capabilities. Tempest utilized the latest in wireless microphone technology and provided complete touch panel control for the entire space.

13 small to medium sized conference rooms in the facility have systems that are designed to support basic in house meetings and web conferencing.  Each room has a single or dual 42” to 55” large screen display mounted on the wall and a laptop input located at the conference room table.  In 5 additional rooms that are slightly larger in footprint, the flat screen displays have been replaced with a ceiling mounted, high resolution projection system and drop down projection screen. When these rooms are at capacity, this ensures that all meeting participants can easily view shared content.

In this high energy, fast-paced environment, it was essential to include spaces where employees could engage in on the fly meetings.  13 small collaboration rooms with a 55” display mounted on the wall and a single laptop connection at the table location were created for this purpose.  Now there is always a space available for a quick brainstorming session when web conferencing is not a required element. 


We really enjoyed working with Tempest. They have a service that no one else really offers which is providing drawing elevations to the contractor. They have expertise in lighting and furniture integration too. We brought them to stakeholder meetings and contractor meetings.

I wouldn’t work with anyone else. They really made my life easier. AV can be done really poorly and not everyone is an expert. Just because you know how to mount a TV and pull wire does not an integrator make… I’ve found that out of the hard way before.

-Caroline Dao, Senior Associate, Director of Technology