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Seattle Credit Union


Tempest was invited to talk with the SMCU team in regards to their brand new headquarters that was planned to build out in the SODO district of Seattle. Tempest partnered with the credit union to form an initial budget and system design based on input from multiple departments within SMCU; including IT, Training, HR, Facilities and select members of the executive team. After being located in the same building for the previous twenty plus years, this project was a significant investment towards their future.

The end result was a sixteen-space buildout with technology that ranged from a simple display on the wall and user inputs at the table, to integrated control systems that manage every aspect of the room, a ceiling mounted projection system and a integrated audio and video conferencing systems. The sixteen spaces included: an executive boardroom, divisible conference room, large conference room, two training rooms, five medium conference rooms, five small conference rooms and an all hands space that seats over one hundred people; all with varying levels of technology and complexity.
In addition to the AV systems required for the new build out, due to the open office design a sound masking system was installed to mitigate any noise distraction in the office environment.

Since most of this technology was new to the credit union staff, Tempest provided multiple training sessions so that key stakeholders were proficient in the use of those systems after the initial turnover of the space. Additionally, Tempest is currently providing extended support for their audio visual systems, which includes up keep and preventative maintenance to ensure that the rooms stay online and with SMCU’s Seattle expansion of their retail branches Tempest is providing integration and support services for each new location.


Tempest isn’t just another A/V vendor. Like many shops, they can do the technical things: specifications, build outs, plugging it all in. But the reality is, many can do that.

Tempest stands out when it comes to the extra effort and time put into figuring out exactly what is needed, and sticking around after install to make things right. Being available for recurring construction meetings on others schedules. Finding time to turn things around on very tight deadlines.

Going the extra mile on very small things that make all the difference, like cabinet fans and presentation clicker extensions, that really shouldn’t be needed but just are. Knowing that normal service times just don’t apply when the CEO wants something changed. Tempest is in it for the long haul. This is why we use Tempest.

-Jay Bell, IT Infrastructure and Security Manager