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Pemco Insurance


PEMCO insurance, the Northwest’s largest locally based insurer, recently relocated their headquarters to 1300 Dexter Avenue South in Seattle’s South Lake Union area. Technology and society’s evolution from paper to online documents have made a smaller, more-efficient foot print for their new Headquarters building.

The 80,000-square foot building now hosts a myriad of communication technologies thanks to Issaquah based AV Integrator Tempest Technologies. With 38 conference rooms, and a variety of amenity spaces, the technology ranges from a single display on a wall with an input at a table, to an All Hands Meeting space featuring the latest in communication technology, which PEMCO has brought into the Insurance world making it easier and more efficient for employees to communicate with one another as well as their client base.

The majority of the 38 conference rooms features either single or dual 60”-70” displays, with 1-2 cable cubbies depending on room size with HDMI and VGA inputs for laptop computers.
The cubbies also feature duplex power, USB charging and network inputs as well as a 5” touch panel controller that controls all aspects of the rooms. A third of the rooms also contain a ceiling mounted projector to allow for a quality experience when video conferencing with a large group. All of the smaller rooms (35 in all) were provided with Skype for Business Conferencing systems to allow for Audio or Video Conferencing with other PEMCO branches or Clients when so desired.

PEMCO’s 3 large conference spaces, including their large All Hands Meeting space all feature state of the art communication technology, including Polycom Video Conferencing Systems with in-ceiling microphone arrays, multiple touch panel control systems that control all aspects of the rooms including lighting and shades, quality in-ceiling speaker systems which bring the audio to life. The space is supported by the latest Digital Sound Processing technology and all topped off by 5000 ANSI lumen WUXGA projection systems projecting to large 69” x 110” recessed electric projection screens. Multiple inputs throughout the rooms give them great flexibility for the user community and provide inputs for nearly every source device imaginable. The cable cubbies in these rooms also provide USB charging for BYOD devices.

The 5th floor audio system provides high end program and independent source audio to the Lounge, Terrace, Café and Café Terrace as well as the kitchen. Audio from multiple sources and source locations can be piped into these locations. The 5-channel system provides for individual space volume control and source selection for special events in all of the spaces.